External Muntin Bar

The old adage says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  In addition to the obvious grammatical issues, we disagree with this saying on grounds that you should never settle for something that’s just good enough.  Allmetal is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and serve the insulated glass industry with value, efficiency, and overall quality—and would like to back up that statement by introducing you to our new External Muntin Bar.

External Muntin Bar is an Allmetal exclusive, and represents a new take on a classic concept.  What we’ve done is add a tough adhesive to the inside of the unit that makes application as quick and easy as it’s ever been.  This redesign allows you to apply the muntin bar onto both external surfaces of insulated glass for an installation that’s faster and simpler that any competing unit on the market.

Allmetal’s External Muntin Bars serve as the perfect compliment to our SDL bars and, used together, will fully replicate a divided light application. Ideal applications will use SDL bar between the panes of glass and external on the outside of the glass.

Looking beyond sheer efficiency, it’s impossible to ignore the unique aesthetics of External Muntin Bar.  In a world where tradition is to put muntin bars in between panes of glass, its appearance on the outside gives dimension and prominence to a formerly flat concept.  This novel approach to the old convention creates a striking visual effect and adds a fresh new perspective to decorative components for insulated glass. 

Despite great looks and ease of use, External Muntin Bars are also rugged and long-lasting, and will add style and class to windows despite years of abuse from the harshest elements. The strong powder coated finish resists chipping and scratching, and stands up to UV rays to prevent fading.  Additionally, the new application won’t react to sensitive low-e units and thus completely eliminates the risk of leeching. 

Last, but certainly not least, External Muntin Bar is one more addition to several Allmetal products that add a green edge in the world of insulated glass.  The decision to powder coat our External Muntin Bar is one born not just of aesthetics and durability, but sensitivity to the environment.  Unlike wet paint techniques, our process doesn’t use any solvents and has no gas emissions, and since overspray can be recycled there is less waste.

The rest of the green benefit begins and continues long after the product leaves Allmetal.  Since the unit is applied to the outside of insulated glass, there is no out gassing, resulting in better sealed units and a more environmentally friendly IG solution. 

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